canisunfamiliar's Journal

15 November 1983
I am a slightly suspicious but normally friendly feral dogess. I was born in Walsall, England where I'm still stuck (boo!). I love abandoned places and have a fascination with Apocalypse (although I really hope it doesn't happen for real).

I consume copious quantities of music and I'm still horribly addicted to this industrial stuff. I also listen to lots of other things and some of them are very tragic like Abba and Hampenberg's Ducktoy song. =P It's really not worth me listing all I love because I'll be here forever doing it. I really hate anything really slow and soppy like Celine Dion and also that chavvy RnB. *Shudder.* I'm very open to learning about new genres of music so if you've got anything new for me to explore then please share. =)

I am very curious and like to learn about this world...particularly the really weird stuff.

I run an alternative fashion website at http://www.apocalypsefashion.com I'm also an advocate of healthy life extension, which you can read more about here: http://www.mprize.org