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Jan. 9th, 2007 05:06 pm Post Apocalyptic Survivor seeks fellow dystopian to share the wreckage.

It had to happen eventually...I'm now single again. I always thought that I had achieved the ultimate synthesis of two differing lives and that our drastically different priorities would somehow be brought together or that one of us would change but no. Thankfully we are still good friends and this makes me glad.

He is a man whose passions lie in film making and meeting celebrities I've never heard of and don't particularly care about...nope, I'm not one who cares about famous people but that's another rant. He is a man who would like to save and protect the entire city whereas I'm only willing to risk for my own dear pack and don't tend to become involved in the affairs of outsiders/those that don't bring out the "they're one of us" instinct. I'll help them alright but not at any risk to myself or my territory. He is also a lot more sociable in some ways than me.

Me? I am a more solitary type who absolutely adores music of varying types. I will probably understand "have you heard this?" more so than "have you seen this?" There was often a massive communication barrier where neither of us would have seen/heard what the other was talking about. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good film but it's not my passion. He is very into making films but that is not for me. I bond over a good song and I'm an audio learner. In some situations, my ears double up as another pair of eyes and when I urban explore, the acoustics can help make a site.

I adore urban exploration and long to run amongst the wreckage. It makes me feel alive and I am likely to put my funds and money into going to ruins and other desolate places. He loves role playing and conventions a lot more. Whilst both are oodles of fun, I could never devote much of my funding/life to them and as such we'd have wound up growing apart over time anyways.

Now? I'm not actively looking for anyone but if the right person hears my lone, eerie howls across the wasteland and responds in the right way, I will go to them. =) Relationships are overrated and given I'm childfree, I don't care as long as I have friends to go places with. I'll sure miss nuzzles and cuddles but we've got a pet dog so I can cuddle and nuzzle him.

Post-Apocalyptic survivor seeks fellow dystopian to share the wreckage...must love urbex, dogs and at least SOME of the same music as I do.

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Jul. 26th, 2006 01:47 pm Reynard City Launch Party

On 19th July 2006 I was invited to the launch party of the new Reynard City comic (http://www.reynardcity.co.uk) cos I know the creator and given I haven't done anything weird this year, I just about scraped up the cash to go. Walsall to Norwich is bloody expensive!

When I got there, I called Will Turner to meet me at the station and take me to the Travel Lodge Hotel I was staying in. I got there and had a few hours to kill. In a beautiful city of ancient buildings, there was no way I'd not go inside one of them.

Landed up in a Catholic Cathedral, which was gorgeous. I'm not religious but I adore ancient churches and graveyards. I then got lost coming back and had to ask directions...it's an easy city to be lost in and not just because of all the architectural eye candy! =P

I got back and waited until I received a text message on my mobile saying that they would be meeting in reception at 19:30. They weren't there but I was delighted to find an ancient ruin of what was once part of the city walls just yards from my hotel. It also had an alcove, which I just HAD to investigate.

After spiking myself on thorns and nearly falling into them, I reached said alcove. It was filled with burned clothing, a cardboard box, empty and very smelly packets and tins of dog food and a syringe. I took my pictures, enjoyed the atmosphere amongst what is obviously a place used by tramps and then went back to wait for Will et al.

They turned up and we headed for a bar called The Murders. It wasn't that big a place and most of the night was spent talking and I ended up wearing fox ears like a lot of people there did. They gave out goodie bags and a company called Lush (http://www.lush.co.uk) gave out little tuybs of shower gel called Flying Fox, which is scrummy honey and jasmine scent. :)

I gave out some free jewellery too along with business cards in the hope that I can get more interest in the business I'm trying to set up. On that subject, my site is due a revamp by a man with more of a brain than me when it comes to web design so it hopefully shouldn't scream "amateur."

The DJ couldn't get hold of a PA system (I'm told that's the bit that makes noises)so we didn't have the music for a while. When we did, it wasn't bad music but nor was it overly stimulating. Mind you, I hadn't heard The Revolution by BT in aeons and it got my attention! =D It was probably a good thing that the music wasn't overly intriguing else I'd have probably focussed on that more so than chatting. For those of you that don't know, I see music in my mind as movies, images or concepts. Ask me about it if you really care. and no I've NOT got synaesthesia cos it's all internal.

After the creators of Reynard City did a speech, we had a while longer until the party stopped. Me and four others headed off to another bar where they played cheesy but great fun 80s music. The one guy I was with had had a few drinks, the woman was a tad tipsy and the two other guys were completely trollied! =D

They kept thinking something was wrong with me cos I didn't sing and dance. I told them I just don't do that. Kompressor does not dance and neither do I...except they didn't get that joke even after a quotation of "Kompressor break your glowstick and Kompressor eat your candy." They danced like utter idiots and were highly amusing! =D

The one guy there was saying how I could drink as much as I liked cos I wouldn't go back alone but I explained that although not religious, it's against my beliefs to get drunk. Basically, I feel I should always be alert and able enough to protect my own. If I can't do that cos I'm drunk, I know I had a choice not to drink and the fact that I got drunk would render the problems partly my fault.

I explained that I don't feel like I'm missing out, that I like being in control and that I don't look down on those who DO chose to get drunk cos that's their choice. In the end, he got it. I had ONE alcoholic drink of Pymms and lemonade cos they brought a big vat between us and given I had done enough caffeine to kill a small dog, I reckoned a dose of a depressant would possibly be a good thing. =) It was yummy and I ensured that they wouldn't top the glass up.

Why all the caffeine? Basically I get ill if I let myself get really tired cos my circadian rhythms tell me I should be sleeping by now. A Red Bull helps me to keep a clear head although it also makes me a tad hyper and jittery. I'd rather talk gibberish and feel a bit hyper than be ill. I had multiple cokes too so I had quite a bit of caffeine in my system. =P Normally, unless I want to stay up, I can't touch the stuff after 19:00 else I'll be active all night and feel like poop the next day.

I actually did manage a few hours sleep despite getting back at 2:00. I nearly missed breakfast but managed to get there just in time. Then I met the others and we all headed to the station. I said goodbye and got my train back. It was a fun time and I'm glad I went. =)

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Jul. 4th, 2006 01:13 pm Songs for a Rusty Thursday.

An interesting thought I've had lately. There are songs with "Corrosion" in their title such as This Corrosion by the Sisters of Mercy and Corroded Breed by :Wumpscut:. However, I cannot think of one song that is actually ABOUT rust. Why the Hell did I think this? I was looking at photos I'd taken of pretty rusty stuff in an abandonment and sang This Corrosion in my mind.

Another thing is that I can find a song with a day of the week in the title for every day except Thursdays. My list is as follows:

Monday-I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats (I think that's who sang it).
Tuesday-Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones.
Wednesday-Big Wednesday by Free*Land
Friday-Friday I'm In Love by The Cure
Saturday-Saturday Night by Whigfield (I'm sure there's less lame ones out there than this).
Sunday-Sunday,Sunday by Blur.

Please note that this is about having the day of the week in the title and Friday I'm In Love doesn't count simply cos the day Thursday is mentioned in the song.
If anyone can give me a song with Thursday in the title then please do.

Alternatively, maybe one of the more musical types out there could fill in the gap with a song about Thursday, rust or perhaps a nice song for a rusty Thursday. ;)

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Current Music: "Tiab Guls" by Throbbing Gristle

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Jun. 17th, 2006 09:39 pm Job interview and I sold stuff.

Holy crap! Customers! =D Yup, I finally managed to shift a couple of jewellery items and some people I know who run a local bric-a-brac store are kindly helping me to shift a few items. =) Not making much money but I really do love making things and like writing, I'd do it for nothing one way or another.

I have a job interview Monday for an admin job in a solicitors. W00t! =D I've not had an interview in a while so I'm glad I have a shot at it all. Admin isn't a dream job but it brings in money. In an ideal world, I'd be locked away in solitude writing or live off my beloved junk jewellery but this world is far from ideal so I must adapt.

I can hold it off and expect something wonderful to come my way but the fact of the matter is if you just sit there expecting prime steak to be thrown out for you, you'll just starve. Sometimes, you've got to be just as willing to go dumpster diving just to stay alive.

I sometimes wonder if Wumpscut was indeed correct that "we will stay down, down where we belong." Even if I do, I'm sure I'll find a way to use the scraps around me for something fun. =P

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Jun. 13th, 2006 03:55 pm My first post.


Okay so I don't know if I'll keep up a Live Journal given my bad relationship with anything remotely resembling a diary but heck, this is free and I'm hard pushed to resist freebies! :D

I'm currently immersed (read: drowning) in the confusion that accompanies trying to set up my own alternative fashion business, even if I only do it on the side. I love making things and it seems one of the only things I care about.

I've tried university for a year and even though I stayed at home, it made me very depressed and slightly ill so I escaped with 95% of my sanity intact before I got shot down by anything evil and clinical...and believe me, I could feel The Sanity Assassin stalking me.

Worst thing about Uni though apart from the misery was the fact that I used to listen one heck of a lot to Skinny Puppy's Last Rights album and now I cannot face it due to the memories of uni...I'm hoping one day soon I will be able to enjoy ALL of Skinny Puppy once again.

I am not cut out for 100% loyalty, dedication and giving up part of my life to something. If I go back to university, it will be via Open University so that I can still hold down a job and get money. I work on operant conditioning and need to feel constantly rewarded. It's like dog training: I do trick, I get treat. ;)

Now I'm deciding to try to do something I thought of for myself instead of being pushed into things by people who never even make the effort to understand my needs/thought patterns. It's the "Exotic Pet Syndrome." The mindset of "just because it is part dog, everything for a dog will apply!" Just because that wolf-dog is part dog, doesn't mean you won't have to acknowledge the wolfy side. Just because I have a good memory and a head and body like you, doesn't mean I'm gonna be satiated on exactly the same things that you are.

My psychology lecturers at uni would be so proud of the following statement I've came to see truth in throughout my life: there is a positive correlation between misguided but often well-meaning outsiders choosing a course of action and that course of action leading down the Road to Hell, the Road to Nowhere or crashing and burning up in wreckage not even aestheticaly pleasing to my Apocalypse fascination.

Okay so correlation does not determine cause and effect (see, I remember something from my year of torture) but to ignore the pattern would be as moronic as the following. There is a correlation between the local cats getting squished under tyres and the ruddy big juggernauts that speed down the road in given area. Now there's no way you could tell me that the big lorries/cars/whatever WEREN'T responsible for the untimely terminations of those poor kitties! :P

Bottom line is, it's okay for me to listen to things as long as I look through my own eyes before plunging headfirst into a bandwagon that may just be filled with rotten eggs...even if some well meaning outsider is on top of it making tempting Quiche Lorraine for me to sample. :)

Current Location: Walsall, England
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Current Music: Requiem for Inner Peace by Raudivian Device.

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